WHY Panamá?

Panama is a land bridge that connects the Pacific and Atlantic ocean. It is the only country that has an enduro tour that you can ride from one ocean to another riding all terrain such as beaches, jungles,volcanos, mountains, rivers and cloud forest. Panama is an enduro friendly country means we have the freedom to explore some of the best trails in the world. Only a 3 hour flight from Miami makes this the ideal choice for an Enduro vacation. Come ride Panama !



Graham Jarvis the #1 Hard Enduro rider in the world has put his seal of approval on our business. You will know that all Jarvis approved tours will be to his highest standard which includes the bikes, gear, routes and the guides. Guaranteed The Best Enduro Tours in the World !


      Full Day package includes:

  • Transfers to and from Boquete to the JSTP HQ
  • Rental of KTM 250 EXC 2024 inc fuel
  • Rental of all protection equipment such as Helmet, Boots,Body protector etc
  • Full day Guided Tour
  • All riding to be accompanied by an expert bilingual guide
  • Instruction given to new riders
  • Lunch at local restaurant
  • Optional visit to the hot spring


       Half day package includes:

  • Transfers to and from Boquete to the JSTP HQ
  • Rental of KTM 250 EXC 2024 inc fuel
  • Rental of all protection equipment such as Helmet, Boots,Body protector etc
  • Half day Guided Tour
  • All riding to be accompanied by an expert bilingual guide
  • Instruction given to new riders



Jarvis Signature Tours Panama is located in the small town of Boquete in the province of Chiriqui, Rep of Panama. This small town is famous for its coffee that is grown on the slopes of the tallest Volcano in Panama and also the gateway to the never ending network of enduro trails. Boquete is situated on the far west of Panama next to the Costa rica border and 30 minutes drive from the town of David where you would most likely fly in to coming from Panama city.




Nationality:   British

Age:              50

Languages:    English, Spanish

Experience:   10 years riding enduro. Owner has been involved in the tourism industry for over 20 years initially as a Scuba Instructor, Dive Operator Manager and most recently as a General Manager for a luxury boutique island resort in various parts of the world.

Events:         2018, 1st place, Masters Category, Boquete Panama Enduro Competition


                           DANIEL KÖECK

Nationality:   German

Age:              35

Language:     German, Spanish, English

Experience:   15 years riding motocross, 4 years riding enduro

Events:         2017, 1st place, Expert Category, Panama Cross Country Championship

                    2019, 1st place, Expert Category, Panama Cross Country Championship

                    2019, 1st place, Expert Category, Panama Enduro Championship


                                CESAR PITTI

Nationality:   Panamanian

Age:              26

Language:     Spanish, English

Experience:   6 years

Events:         2017, 2nd place, Beginners Category, Panama Cross Country Championship

                    2018, 1st place, Intermediate Category, Panama Enduro Championship

                   2021, 1st place, Expert Category, Panama Cross Country Championship


Our packages include lodging at Hotel Ladera located in Boquete, a small picturesque mountain town located in the north of the Chiriquí province. The town is located on the slopes of the Volcan Baru, Panama’s highest peak, and is surrounded by rivers and near the La Amistad National Park, making it the ideal location to begin your off-road adventure. Boquete is well know as the coffee mecca of Panama so make sure to sample the various award-winning specialty coffees such as Geisha and Pacamara.

The hotel offers modern, comfortable rooms with amenities such as cable TV, safes, Wi-Fi, free continental breakfast. The hotel also has an on-site restaurant, Palo Cortao, offering international cuisine and and on-site bar, Toco Madera Bar. Also, a short walk away you’ll find a myriad of dining options in downtown Boquete, as well as bars, coffee shops and breweries.


In order to enter Panama, you must present a digital or physical proof of at least 2 doses of the covid vaccine applied at least 14 days prior to travel or negative Covid test (antigen or PCR) taken within 72 hrs of your arrival. The airport also offers fast Covid testing on arrival for a fee (approximately $50).

Panama’s Tocumen International Airport is the accessible with direct flights from various major U.S. cities including: Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Boston, Orlando, Atlanta — and European cities such as: Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt. Once in Panama City you can fly to David, Chiriqui province via Copa Airlines (www.copaair.com) from Tocumen International Airport — flight time 45 minutes or via Air Panama (www.airpanama.com) from the Albrook domestic airport. You will be greeted at David Airport and driven to Boquete, located a mere 25 minutes away.




Panama does not print bank notes, so since 1904 the U.S. dollar has been the legal tender and U.S. coins interchangeable with Panamanian coins of the same denominations, similar sizes and metals are used. The dollar bill is called the Balboa, cents are centavos. Prices are often written with $ sign or B/. before the amount.

Large denomination dollar bills can be difficult to change in Panama, particularly outside Panama City. Even for $50 bills you may be asked to sign a book and give your passport number. $20 bills and lower denominations are the most convenient, but in country areas where prices are low you are advised to carry smaller bills.

There are several ATM’s located throughout Boquete where you can withdraw cash. Most large restaurants will accept credit cards but smaller restaurants, coffee shops and bars are cash only.


Panama enjoys a tropical climate and average daily temperatures during the day are in the mid to high 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with slightly cooler temperatures in the evening. The average humidity is about 80%. Mountain areas such as Boquete are colder and windier. Caribbean side (Bocas del Toro) is more humid and rainier than the Pacific.

Length of day is 12 hours year-round because Panama is near the equator. Sunrise is approximately 6:20 a.m. and sunset is approximately 6:20 p.m. year-round. Panama never goes on Daily Savings Time as all days are the same length. Panama is also lucky in that it is out of the hurricane belt and therefore never gets hit by hurricanes.

The rainy season is from late May to early December, while the dry season is from late December to early May — nearly exactly the same seasonal weather pattern as South Florida, except for the complete absence of hurricanes. The rainy season does not mean continuous rain. Usually mornings are sunny, with intermittent heavy rain in the afternoon. Continuous overcast and drizzle is not the norm except sometimes in the rainiest months of October and November. Local microclimates vary widely. Annual rainfall in the city of Panama is about the same as Miami at 8 feet per year. The rainiest areas are in the western mountains on the Caribbean. The dry season can be extreme in some areas on the south side of Panama in March and April.

Panama’s seasons are opposite of the US. Winter in Panama is known as summer up north and vice versa. Winter in Panama refers to the rainy season (May-December) and summer in Panama refers to the dry season (December-May). This means that in the cold months of winter time in the north when many people are seeking relief in warmer climates, Panama is having its summer with the highest temperatures of the year.



Bring your riding gear, swim trunks, comfortable walking shoes, hats



Check the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for any updates: https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/traveler/none/panama

There is plenty to do in Boquete and the surrounding area for non-riders. There are plenty of hiking trails, coffee tours, waterfalls, rivers for river rafting, fishing, bird watching, zip lines to keep the family busy while you are out riding. Please inquire about alternative lodging for families and day-tours.


Panama time is five hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (-5 GMT) and one hour ahead of Central American countries. Panama is the same time as US Eastern Standard Time when US time is not adjusted for daylight savings; during USA daylight savings time, Panama equals US Central time.

Spanish is the official language, however English is spoken and understood in Panama City and most hotels in major cities.

The electric current used in Panama is mainly 110v -60hz and some 220v.

The country code for Panama is 507 and phone numbers are 7 digits long. Cell phone coverage is available throughout most of the country, make sure to enable roaming to receive your calls while in Panama.

In order to make it an enjoyable and safe riding adventure we limit our groups to 6 riders plus a guide. This allows the guide to provide personalized attention to all the riders.

Dry season from mid-December to May we have clear skies and windy conditions and the Green season from June to mid-December brings refreshing rains in early morning and late afternoon. October and November are usually the wettest months with continuous days of rain so we do not recommend riding during those months.

We carry all riding gear in case of these circumstances.

We recommend you have international medical insurance coverage. There are two private hospitals in David capable of handling most cases and more serious cases can be referred to Panama City where Johns Hopkins is associated with Hospital Punta Pacifica. Our guides are trained in emergency first aid procedures.

Typical rides are 6-8 hours except for the last day which is the Volcano Challenge which we can be riding up to 10 hours. At anytime on ours trails we have chicken lines out to the paved roads which we can arrange pickups.

Our trails range from fast double track to extreme single track. Trails vary from sealevel beach riding to 3045 M high mountains and everything in between. Many river and stream crossings are common along with short sections of mud, rocks and roots. See our social feeds for clips of our riding.


I can highly recommend this activity. I did the half-day tour and had a lot of fun. The bikes are in great condition and all necessary protective equipment as well as a hydration pack are included. The guide took me on roads/trails according to my previous experience and gave me great tips on how to improve my riding.

The trip was amazing from the beginning to the end. As i was the only one who booked on this date I had a private tour. Just me and the guide.
We drove on a wide variety of terrain with increasing difficulty. The guide always made sure i feel comfortable with the trail and gave tips on how to improve. I felt very well looked after.
I loved every second of the trip!

The best attraction we had in Panama!
The guide picked us up from the hotel, gave us the equipment and hasquarvanas 250. The gear was in great shape and the motorcycles were fully functional for the entire trip. We drove through the forests and hills around boquete, and the view was amazing! The guide knew which trails to pick according to our level of experience, so you don’t have to worry if you’re completely new to this experience, and you’ll probably be taken to more challenging trails if you’re a pro! The guide and owner (Kiren) is a really cool and interesting guy.
Go talk to them and have fun!We drove on a wide variety of terrain with increasing difficulty. The guide always made sure i feel comfortable with the trail and gave tips on how to improve. I felt very well looked after.
I loved every second of the trip!

Mid march 2020, i took a day dirtbike tour with Keiron and it was just Amazing. We went thought à great variety of trail and difficulties To end up at the hot spring to relax à bit.

Keiron is a great guide and after the day, Kieron went futhur to fulfill customer service to help me scedule my flight 2 days before covid close the country.

I highly recommand Kieron and his company to anyone who wants à great dirtbike tour.


I half expected it our tour to be a leisurely stroll down an easy trail, but it was way better! Challenging terrain, great bikes, awesome English speaking guide combined with beautiful views. Definitely worth every penny.

The riding in Boquete can take you from fire roads to the most gnarly single track you can imagine so riding options for everybody. The equipment, bike and riding gear, are of good quality. I can highly recommend Kieron and his company.

Endotours was a fantastic time riding though the mountains of boquete panama. The tour guide was very nice to give us lessons and help navigate the fun trails.

The dirt bikes were absolutely top notch and easy to ride.

The trails the tour guide picked where a fun variety of dirt, semi road, gravel, which winded through the mountains.

I would love to ride again !

Me and a friend booked this tour and will never forget it. The most epic riding I’ve ever done. We aren’t professionals by any stretch so the tips by our guide Keiron were like getting private lessons for four days as well. I’ve been a much better rider since.
One of the best experience we had in life! Beautiful places such as forests, Rocky roads, rivers and more. Excellent dirt bikes (husqvarna Te 250i) in perfect conditions. Kieran (the guide) leads you into the wild with no risks, due to the different kind of paths he knows. We will return to Panama only for that! Cheers from Italy.
Awesome four days on the bike with Panama Enduro Tours. The Volcano being the icing on the cake. Kieron is great, bikes are great and riding was great. Good times. I will go back again and would recommend going to ride with Panama Enduro Tours.
WOW. I am so glad we saw the poster advertising the dirt bike tour in town because it wasn’t even on our radar. It was AWESOME. Kieron was a great guide. He took the time to tell my girlfriend about upcoming obstacles which helped her because she was a little nervous. The bikes were great, the scenery was great, and a good mix of terrain. I highly recommend. I would do it again in a heartbeat.
Kieron was an excellent guide! Motorcycles were top-notch Husqvarnas. Excellent food at lunch break! Kieron wore a go pro and sent us a trail map and video. Very nice touch! I’d ride with Kieron again, no hesitation!



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